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Gift Card Details

You are looking for something unique for your loved ones? Here is our idea; a carefully designed MEI KAWA gift card. You select the amount, write a message if you wish and we send you an email which you can forward to the recipient any time you want. With the valid gift card code it is redeemable in-store and online as well within one year after the purchase.

Gift Card Terms & Conditions/ Further Information

The gift card can be redeemed in-store or at meikawa.com. You may choose the currency of the value of the gift certificate. You can choose the value of the gift card between the amounts 30.0 € and 1,000.00 €.
The value of the gift card cannot be redeemed for cash and is non-refundable. The payment for the gift card is done the same way then that of any other MEI KAWA product.
After the purchase we send you an email with the gift card and you receive a valid gift card code. The gift card is usable with the valid code. The certificate can be redeemed within one year after the purchase.
Please take care of your gift card as we do not take responsibility for losses. For further information please take a look at the Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy or contact us.