Privacy Policy



During the operation of our website and services we are collecting data.

On certain websites and Emese Kasza collects the personal data of the users, e.g. email addresses, names, home or work phone numbers or addresses. If you purchase or use any of our services, you have to give other information, e.g. invoice address.

We are collecting also other data about the website and service activity of the users without identifying him or her personally. E.g. we are receiving certain standardized data, which are sent by the web browser to all visited websites, e.g. the type and language of the browser, the access times and linking website addresses. Besides we are collecting information through the analyzing applications placed on our websites about your browser, including the source page, the search engines and search phrases used to access the site, which pages have been visited inside the web address, which plug-ins are installed into the browser, which is the size (length and height) of the browser window.

The collection of the data about the visited pages, the used links and operations on the company’s websites and services is executed by cookies and web markers.




The and the Emese Kasza collect and use the personal data of the users for the operation of their websites. We use your personal data also for getting in contact with you.

You can block the sending of newsletters and promotion emails by using the section in the letters. The storage and processing of the personal data collected through websites and services of is performed in Hungary.




We are not going to share any of your personal data with others without your permission, except the following cases declared in this statement: During the purchase process, for the time of the delivery we can share your given phone number with the shipping company.


SAFETY OF PERSONAL DATA and Emese Kasza are engaged to the safe storage of your personal data. We are protecting your personal data against access, use or sharing by unauthorized persons with several safety technologies and procedures. For example we are storing the collected personal data on computer systems with limited access, which are not connected with any external networks.




If you have any questions regarding this data safety statement, please first contact us at the email address If we are not confirming the receipt of the question or aren’t taking care of it in an adequate way, contact the competent authority.


EDITING THE DATA SAFETY STATEMENT and Emese Kasza are changing this data safety statement from time to time following service changes and user feedbacks.  If there are important changes regarding this statement or in the usage of personal data by, we are publishing a warning on an apparent place or are informing the user directly. We are suggesting you to read again this data safety statement from time to time.